Liu Gua Xiang establishes Hua Sheng Ltd. in Tunmen, Hong Kong producing mainly plastics and clothing for toys.
In the industrial city of Dongguan in the Guangdong province next to Hong Kong a new facility is established with an area of 7000sq.m and staff of 600 employees. This facility is presently the main location for research and development as well as mold making.
1994年: Improvements to the Dongguan facility allow for the establishment of a mold factory with a staff of 70 employees engaged in every step of mold making from design drawing to gypsum, clay and wax carving, etc.
A new branch office is established in Shanghai, the economic center of China. Concurrently a new factory is set up in Jiading with a staff of 300. A quality control system is designed and specialized production management and product engineering departments are established.Customers include: Coca Cola Japan QOO promotional products, the Japanese baseball league’s Yomiuri Giants and Hello Kitty.
The main headquarters is moved to a new office in the center of Shanghai.
Customers include: Disney, Warner, and French Television Three’s popular cartoon series of Martin’s Morning.
Purchase of real estate and construction of new 8000sq.m factory is completed in Jiading and operations begin.
Customers include: Japanese Tiger pachinko machines, Jay - the mascot for Metersbonwe promotional products.
Obtain first contract for Fuwa, the 2008 Olympic Games mascots and receive unanimous approval


Shanghai Fashion Plastic & Gifts Co. Ltd, reaches a milestone in production from simple figures to pose able action figures in collaboration with Nike USA.
Customers include: www. chinaHR.com - Fox mascot





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